Just imagine how exhausted she’d be if she was president of the United States.

Hillary Clinton told an audience at the Sundance Film Festival that sitting for an interview for the new documentary “Hillary” was “exhausting.”

“We did spend about 35 hours, 7 days of interviewing, and it was exhausting,” Clinton said, “and it was very overwhelming from time to time.”

She said it was a “positive and challenging experience.”

During another point of her remarks, she again referenced the stress of it all.

“You sit in that chair and you told the filmmaker, ‘Yeah, nothing’s off limits. You can ask me whatever you want,’ and she does,” Clinton said, drawing laughs from her fans.

“So occasionally I would be like a 19th-Century character in a woman’s serial story in a magazine and go, ‘Oh, my gosh,” she said, holding her hand up to her head.

“I need to lie down,” she recalled.

Ramin Setoodeh, the bureau chief for Variety, praised the documentary, saying the film should “win an Oscar and an Emmy.”

He added it’s “one of the best things playing” at the festival.

During the 2016 election and since, President Trump has ridiculed Clinton for her perceived lack of endurance.