Ed Fallon doesn’t appreciate being poked in the chest by Joe Biden.

And he wasn’t fond of the way the former vice president grabbed onto his coat with both hands to talk down to him like a little kid.

So he decided to weigh in on his experience at Biden’s recent “block party” in Iowa on Sunday, which concluded with the awkward encounter and some good advice from the Democratic frontrunner: “Go vote for someone else.”

In a blog published Tuesday, Fallon explained he intends to caucus for Tom Steyer, or to shift support to Bernie Sanders, but he wanted to attend the Biden event “to further elevate the climate conversation.”

Fallon wrote for Bold Iowa:

After long answers to a handful of pre-arranged questions, Biden invited attendees to come up front for a photo and a brief question.

San Kuhn, Shaun Ahern, Kathy Byrnes, and I accepted his offer. I wanted to ask Biden about his stated opposition to new pipelines even as he supports replacing older existing pipelines. Those two positions are incompatible, and I wanted to know where he really stood.

Fallon believes “the climate crisis is an existential threat that trumps all issues,” but found Biden was more concerned with other things.

“I like you, and I’m gonna support you if you win the nomination because we have got to get rid of Trump, but what are we going to do about climate change?” Fallon asked Biden in a video posted online. “Now, you say you’re against pipelines, but you want to replace these gas lines. That’s not going to work. We’ve gotta stop building and replacing pipelines.”

“You have to go vote for someone else,” Biden said, cutting Fallon off as he repeatedly palmed his chest to shove him away.

Biden’s staffers attempted to scurry Fallon away, but he didn’t react and appeared stunned by the remark.

“You’re not going to vote for me in the primary,” Biden continued, poking Fallon in the ribs with his pointer finger.

“I’m going to vote for you in the general, if you treat me right,” Fallon replied.

Biden wasn’t interested.

“Ya, I know,” the 77-year-old elderly statesman shot back, “well, I’m not.

“You’re asking a picture with me, coming to tell me you don’t support me …,” Biden said.

“No, no, no, I said I’d support you in the general,” Fallon replied.

“In the general,” Biden repeated, “I’m looking for a primary and a caucus, that’s what I’m looking for, okay?”

Biden grabbed Fallon’s coat with both hands and pulled him in.

“Now, do you believe that Bernie is going to do something by 2030?” Biden pressed.

“I’m actually supporting Tom Steyer,” Fallon replied, prompting Biden to mock his choice and poke another finger in his chest.

“He’s the guy who supported coal mining … so you got the right guy,” Biden said.

Fallon described the interaction as “disturbing on a number of levels.”

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“Biden doesn’t even attempt to address my concern. All he says is that serious climate action by 2030 isn’t realistic,” he wrote. “And despite his repeated calls for unity, Biden rejects my offer to support him in the general election. That really shocked me.

“What was even more shocking was how Biden pushed and poked me, and then took hold of my jacket with both hands as he lectured me,” he continued.

The whole experience solidified Fallon’s perception of Biden as a loser with little chance of beating President Trump in November.

“I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it one more time: Joe Biden is the Democratic candidate LEAST likely to beat Donald Trump. His demeanor on the stump will inevitably come back to bite him, perhaps repeatedly. His propensity to violate personal space is a huge non-asset in politics, and his frequent gaffes are prime fodder for opponents and the media,” he wrote.

“Most important, Biden is simply wrong on climate change, and out-of-step with voters on so many issues.”

Fallon also offered his take on the state of politics in America, and why a career politician like Biden doesn’t stand a chance against Trump.

“America isn’t a nation divided left vs. right. It’s divided status-quo vs. the rest of us,” he wrote. “That’s why George W. Bush beat Al Gore and John Kerry. That’s why Barack Obama beat John McCain and Mitt Romney. That’s why Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton, and why Trump will beat Biden.”