Former vice president Joe Biden is working hard to get his message out to supporters, though some are questioning whether it’s the right message for 2020.

“For some reason Joe Biden keeps telling people not to vote for him,” Vice News posted to Twitter on Wednesday, along with a montage of the 77-year-old’s greatest hits.

“My name is Joe Biden and I’m running, in this case, for president of the United States,” Biden told voters in Iowa shortly after launching his campaign last year. “Look me over. If you like what you see, help out.

“If not, vote for the other person,” he said.

In South Carolina not long after, Biden said the same to a Hispanic supporter who questioned the deportation of 3 million illegal immigrants under the Obama administration.

“Over those eight years, there were three million people that were deported and separated from their families,” the man told Biden.

“Yeah,” Biden shot back. “Well, you should vote for Trump. You should vote for Trump.”

“No, no, no, I’m not going to do that,” the man said as Biden turned his back.

Moments later protestors erupted into chants of “not one more deportation” as the man pleaded with Biden to halt the deportations of illegal immigrants, if elected.

“You have the power as a candidate to actually commit to stop all deportations from day one through executive action and we want to hear you say that,” the man said.

“I will not stop all deportations,” Biden boomed, “if you commit a crime that’s a felony.”

The “vote for someone else” is also the same message Biden has consistently delivered to voters concerned about his plans to address the changing climate, which many liberals criticize as not nearly aggressive enough.

“Well I tell you what, if you looked at my record and still doubt about my commitment, then you should vote for somebody else,” he told an activist with the Sunrise Movement last year.

Biden essentially repeated that position on Sunday, when he pushed, poked and belittled an Iowa voter for questioning his seemingly contradictory position on ditching fossil fuels.

“I like you, and I’m gonna support you if you win the nomination because we have got to get rid of Trump, but what are we going to do about climate change?” Ed Fallon, who plans to caucus for Tom Steyer, told Biden in the photo line at a recent Biden “block party.”

“Now, you say you’re against pipelines, but you want to replace these gas lines. That’s not going to work. We’ve gotta stop building and replacing pipelines,” Fallon said.

“You have to go vote for someone else,” Biden shot back as he pushed the man’s chest.

Fallon appeared stunned.

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“You’re not going to vote for me in the primary,” Biden continued, poking Fallon in the ribs with his pointer finger.

“I’m going to vote for you in the general, if you treat me right,” Fallon replied.

Biden wasn’t interested.

“Ya, I know,” Biden responded, “well, I’m not.

“You’re asking a picture with me, coming to tell me you don’t support me …,” Biden said.

“No, no, no, I said I’d support you in the general,” Fallon replied.

“In the general,” Biden repeated, “I’m looking for a primary and a caucus, that’s what I’m looking for, okay?”

Biden grabbed Fallon’s coat with both hands and pulled him in.

“Now, do you believe that Bernie is going to do something by 2030?” Biden pressed.

“I’m actually supporting Tom Steyer,” Fallon said, prompting Biden to poke another finger in his chest.

“He’s the guy who supported coal mining … so you got the right guy,” Biden said.

Fallon later described the interaction in a blog post as “disturbing on a number of levels,” The American Mirror reports.