Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wasn’t happy that Rush Limbaugh received the Medal of Freedom during the State of the Union address, but she also wasn’t happy that he didn’t receive “his own” ceremony.

The socialist congresswoman, who skipped President Trump’s speech, took to social media to air her grievances.

“The presidential Medal of Freedom is an extraordinarily sacred award. We’re talking about putting someone on the same level as Rosa Parks, you know, for example, in terms of their contributions to American progress,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

“Rush Limbaugh is a virulent racist,” she declared, “but even just on top of that, to do it in the middle of a State of the Union and not even dignify it with his own ceremony as it has— there are all sorts of norms that are being violated.

“Not just for people’s humanity but also, it truly just cheapens the value of it,” she huffed.

Ocasio-Cortez was irritated that Limbaugh appeared genuinely honored by the award.

“Also him pretending to be surprised was such a joke. This has been news all day. There have been multiple reports from multiple news outlets saying that Rush Limbaugh was going to receive the Medal of Freedom and then Trump announced and he had to like, you know, pretend that this was some kind of Oprah moment,” the socialist sniffed.

It was “so disingenuous,” she declared.

She went on to claim “Trump wanted to assert that Rush Limbaugh was somehow on the same level as Rosa Parks,” Ocasio-Cortez said.

“And it’s truly nauseating,” she added, “um, and this is one of the many reasons I did not go.”