Joe Biden is taking a critical day off the campaign trail today, and is leaving the glad handing to his wife.

The only problem? There aren’t that many people who want to see her, either.

Fox 10 captured Biden playing to a very small crowd in the all-important state of New Hampshire today:

Noting Joe is off today, reporter Mike Pache added, “His wife is campaigning at a home with about 10 people in New Hampshire.”

Despite the intimate audience, Biden used a podium in the poorly lit room:

It was a similar scene when Jill was making a last minute appeal in Iowa.

The First Lady wannabe played to a handful of voters at the Blazing Saddle in Des Moines on Wednesday:

Speaking from a podium positioned next to a pool table, Biden warned the tiny audience that President Trump visited the following day.

“He ain’t coming here,” a man responded, prompting a smattering of laughs from the small gathering.

She claimed Trump will “brag” about “packing the courts with judges” as the door behind her opened and locals arrived for a drink.

“He’ll mock and deride people who believe in equality,” she read from her speech.

“This is my first time at a gay bar!” she exclaimed at the beginning of her appearance.