Joe Biden is losing his cool over the chilly results he’s poised to deliver tonight in New Hampshire.

In fact, he’s not even going to be there when the bad news is delivered.

But before Biden attempted to scramble out of town and to what he hopes is friendlier territory, he first spoke to reporters.

Biden said Hillary Clinton lost several primaries, so a drubbing today doesn’t mean much.

“We’re fighting for every vote we have here and then I’m getting on a plane, heading down there, doing a little rally in South Carolina to get going, then getting in the plane and going to Nevada,” he said.

Biden disputed the notion that his campaign could be in peril with a poor showing tonight amid a flurry of shouted questions.

“Are you giving up on New Hampshire?” a reporter yelled.

“I’m not giving up on New Hampshire,” Biden responded, before putting his hand on a WMUR 9 microphone that was near his shoulder.

“Don’t poke that in my face, okay, buddy?” Biden snapped.