Socialist Senator Elizabeth Warren thinks a college education should be “free” for everyone in America, because student loan debt is crushing college graduates.

It’s such an important issue, in fact, that the former Harvard professor is willing to let those struggling college students starve to fund her 2020 presidential campaign.

Warren took to Twitter Tuesday to brag about her campaign collecting half of a college student’s net worth to promote the “free” college scheme, despite virtually zero chance she’ll eventually become the party’s nominee to take on Trump this fall.

“A Young girl came up to me tonight and said, ‘I’m a broke college student with a lot of student loan debt. I checked and I have $6 in the bank – so I just gave $3 to keep you in this fight,’” Warren wrote. “We’re staying in this fight for the people who are counting on us.”

The comments come from a woman who collected massive six-figure salaries from Harvard University for years. Her husband, Bruce Mann, is also a law professor at Harvard who takes home an annual salary of about $400,000 per year, tax records show.

According to a report from the State House News Service last year:

Warren and her husband Bruce Mann reported total income of $905,742 in 2018, down from the $972,654 she reported in 2017. After deductions, Warren and Mann had an adjusted gross income of $846,394.

The income includes Mann’s $402,897 salary from Harvard University, Warren’s $176,280 salary from the Senate and $323,902 in proceeds from Warren’s books.

The College Fix points to the massively inflated salaries for professors at Harvard University and other schools as “one of the root causes of the problem of skyrocketing college costs.”

“During 2010 and 2011, (Warren) earned $429,981 from the Ivy League university,” The College Fix reports. “In 2009 at Harvard she earned nearly $350,000, according to the Boston Globe.”

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University of Michigan-Flint economics professor Mark Perry told the news site Warren and her husband represent what’s really broken with the country’s higher education system.

“One of the reasons college tuition has risen over time more than any other consumer good or service, fueling the rise in student loan debt to $1.6 trillion (twice the level in 2010), is because of the high and rising salaries for college administrators and highly paid professors like Sen. Warren and her husband,” Perry said.

“The real and only long-term solution to rising college tuition and rising student loan debt is not free tuition or student loan forgiveness, but to reign in the costs of college by addressing the root cause of ‘administrative bloat.’”

While Warren is unashamed about bilking broke college students to push her “free” college scheme, at least some parents who worked hard for their child’s higher education are sending a different message in the selfie line.

Late last month, at least one person confronted Warren about the “free” college plan to explain why it isn’t fair for many hard-working Americans – a clip that never made it to Warren Twitter page.

“My daughter is getting out of school. I’ve saved all my money. She doesn’t have student loans. Am I going to get my money back?” a man in a brown leather jacket asked at a stop in Grimes, Iowa.

“Of course not,” Warren shot back.

“So you’re going to pay for people who didn’t save any money, and then those of us who did the right thing get screwed,” the man said, clearly agitated.

Warren smirked and shrugged, “No, it’s not anyone got screwed …”

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“Of course we did. My buddy had fun, bought a car, went on vacation. I saved my money,” the man said. “He made more than I did, but I worked a double shift for the extra money for my daughter since she was 10.

“So you’re laughing at me,” he said.

“I’m not,” Warren argued.

“Ya, that’s exactly what you’re doing,” he insisted. “We did the right thing, and then we get screwed.”