A new Multicultural Student Center opened at the University of Virginia last week, and it’s already breeding intolerance and racism on campus.

“Leftists at the University of Virginia are dictating who is and who isn’t allowed in the new Multicultural Student Center,” Young America’s Foundation posted along with a video to Twitter on Wednesday. “’Frankly there is just too many white people in here, and this is a space for people of color.’ This kind of racist intolerance is NOT multicultural.”

The video shows a black female student offering a condescending public service announcement to folks at the Multicultural Student Center. It includes the Twitter handle @WafaFlofa_Flame transposed over the woman.

“EEEEEEE …. Public service announcement. EEEEEE … Public service announcement,” she said, hands clasped. “Excuse me. If ya’ll didn’t know, this is the MSC and frankly there is just too many white people in here and this is a space for people of color.

“So let’s be really cognizant of the space that you’re taking up, because it does make some of us POCs uncomfortable when we see too many white people in here,” she lectured.

“It’s only been open for four days, and frankly there is the whole university for a lot of ya’ll to be at and there is very few spaces for us, so keep that in mind. Thank you,” the student said.

The comments drew applause and a holler of support from an accomplice recording the video.

The student was not identified, though the account @WafaFlofa_Flame has since been deleted from Twitter. Folks online nonetheless directed their thoughts on the spiel to the account.

“Do ‘woke’ people like this indoctrinated lady here realize that they’re just re-introducing segregation back into society? This is the left,” Fight the Left posted. “An ideology, nay a religion, that convinces people to revert back to oppression under the guise of progressive ideals all by their own hand!”

“1950s: segregation is bad,” Jessica Fletcher wrote. “2020: no segregation is good actually”

“Imagine if a white person were to stand up and announce that there are too many people of color in the room,” Ash added. “This is racism in my eyes.”

“When I was a kid, I was taught that skin color didn’t matter and was supposed to be seen as irrelevant as possible,” Jake wrote. “Now I’m being told that skin color means everything. I like the way I was raised better.”

“This girl should be expelled from school,” PureSilk wrote.

The online firestorm eventually forced UVA officials to set the record straight to explain that white people can, in fact, visit the Multicultural Student Center.

Vicki Gist, assistant dean of students and the director of Multicultural Student Services, wouldn’t discuss the controversy with The Cavalier Daily, UVA’s student news site.

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Instead, the university issued a prepared statement that made no reference to the racist incident, CBS 19 reports.

“UVA this month introduced four new and expanded student centers in Newcomb Hall. Since the opening, some questions have been raised regarding the scope or inclusivity of these centers and their missions. UVA provided the following statement on Feb. 12 to address these questions,” UVA posted to Twitter.

The included statement:

Earlier this month the University announced the relocation and expansion of its Multicultural Student Center as part of an effort to offer a variety of spaces that embrace and support the diversity of this institution. These new spaces also included an expanded LGBTQ Center, as well as new Latinx-focused and Interfaith Centers. …

In order to foster the diversity of experience and ideas that make UVA a great and good place to study and work, these centers are open to all members of the University community.

The statement also included a quote from UVA President Jim Ryan.

“I believe deeply that we need to build a community that is not just diverse, but also inclusive,” Ryan said at the opening ceremonies for the new centers.

“Segregation in the name of tolerance,” I’m To Blame tweeted.

“Just astounding hypocrisy,” HB added. “Congrats.”

“@UVA is condoning racism at its school,” Murphy Slaw wrote.