Joe Biden was okay with having the support of a scandal-plagued Rhode Island leader, until he switched his support to Biden rival Amy Klobuchar.

on Wednesday, House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello announced he was pulling his endorsement of the former vice president and giving it to the Minnesota senator.

“I was a Biden supporter but I think that he’s not doing as well as I would have hoped, so in light of that, Amy Klobuchar’s coming up and I like her a lot, I’m very supportive of her,” he told a crowd in Providence.

“I think she could stand up and really represent the country well,” he added.

Biden’s campaign almost instantaneously blasted Mattiello and brought attention to a local scandal that has engulfed the leader.

“Speaking of ‘not doing well,'” Biden spokesman Bill Russo tweeted, “Wonder if we’re the only campaign that vets people some days.”

He then pushed a story alleging Biden’s former supporter of being caught up in a grand jury investigation from the Providence Journal:

Three people connected to the Rhode Island Convention Center have received subpoenas to testify before a grand jury looking into House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello’s controversial request for an audit of the center.

The state police on Tuesday served subpoenas on James P. McCarvill, executive director of the Convention Center Authority; Paul MacDonald, secretary of the authority’s board; Lawrence J. Lepore, the Convention Center’s general manager, and Robert Lauro, the director of event services and operations, according to someone familiar with the situation. All have been directed to appear before the grand jury next week. (Lauro said he read a news report that had been subpoenaed hours before he received the subpoena at his office.)

Leo Skenyon, Mattiello’s chief of staff, and Frank Montanaro, executive director of a legislative administrative committee who delivered Mattiello’s request to the state auditor general, each told The Journal on Tuesday that he had been subpoenaed to testify before the grand jury.

Mattiello said he has not been subpoenaed.

It’s not clear whether Klobuchar will accept the endorsement.