Former vice president Joe Biden is pulling out all of the stops in reaching out to the black voters who are abandoning his campaign in droves, even if it means channeling one of the most disingenuous panderers in American politics: Hillary Clinton.

The video was posted to Twitter for all to see by Breaking911. It’s not available on the Joe Biden or Joe for SC Twitter pages.

“We don’t feel no ways tired,” Biden bellowed in the video over footage of the 77-year-old offering hugs to a firefighter, black woman and older disabled lady. “We’ve come too far from where we started.

“Nobody told me the road would be easy,” he continued with more of the same. “And I don’t believe he brought me this far to stop now.”

Images of protests with signs – “Stop Killing US” –  and an angry Donald Trump flash in black and white as Biden barked: “If you don’t like what is going on in this country, you only have one thing to do – Work.”

Biden supporters marching to dramatic music hammered the message home.

“Together we can and will win. Let’s take back this country now,” he said as his supporters toted “South Carolina for Biden” signs and chanted “We Want Joe!”

The phrasing – “We don’t feel no ways tired” – is lifted directly from Rev. James Cleveland’s gospel classic “I Don’t Feel No Ways Tired.”

Then senator Hillary Clinton drew widespread criticism for appropriating the famous lyrics during an address to a congregation in Selma, Alabama during the 2008 presidential race. The controversy centered in large part on Clinton’s fake southern drawl.

“In an attempt to appeal to southern black voters in South Carolina, Biden campaign releases ad declaring Joe ‘don’t feel no ways tired,’” Breaking911 posted with the video.

Folks online quickly connected it the Clinton controversy.

“Didn’t Hillary try that?” Rick Moore posted.

Annie Gottergun responded with a video from Clinton’s March 4, 2007 remarks.

“He might as well say he loves soul food and eats it everday with hot sauce,” Cody added.

“I’ll never forget HRC saying that during her 2016 campaign!!!” Sara replied. “Pandering at its finest.”

“New campaign slogan ‘Joe Biden has black friends,’” Angrysnowman3 wrote.

The video is only the latest evidence Biden really, really loves black voters.

Shortly after declaring his candidacy, Biden donned an apron to serve up soul food to black people at the famous Dulan’s on Crenshaw Boulevard. In November, the career politician completed his paperwork to secure his place on the South Carolina ballot at Food for the Soul Restaurant in Abbeville.

Regardless, a Quinnipiac University Poll released on Monday showed Biden’s support among black voters sliding from 49 percent before the Iowa caucuses to 27 percent now. Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, meanwhile, has witnessed his support among black voters surge from 7 percent last month to 22 percent now, Politico reports.