A mob of liberal targeted former vice president Joe Biden at a high-dollar fundraiser in New York City Thursday night to deliver a special message from party’s progressive flank.

“Drop out Joe! Drop out Joe! Drop out Joe!” over a half dozen hecklers chanted as the elderly statesman shuffled out of the building with a pack of female handlers.

“Skip Nevada! Skip South Carolina! Just go home early!” a man yelled.

Biden ignored the group, flashed a smile, and ducked into an awaiting SUV.

The group – New York Communities for Change – posted videos of the encounter to Twitter.

“We found @JoeBiden at his 250 person Wall Street fundraiser. We had a message: DROP OUT JOE! You don’t have to do this Joe,” the post read. “You can skip Nevada. You can skip South Carolina. And go straight home to Delaware.”

The group attempted to disrupt the event with a black coffin symbolizing the death of the Biden 2020 campaign, but were rejected. Instead, they held an impromptu service in the lobby, which prompted the police to intervene.

“We’re here to say goodbye, to eulogize Joe Biden’s campaign and it’s not a time of sorrow, folks. It’s a time of celebration,” a woman said in one video. “So another thing, happening today, is Joe Biden is backed by the most amount of billionaires out of any candidate in the campaign, even more so than Wall Street Pete, folks.

“That’s another death nail.”

The roughly 5 and half foot tall coffin included the message “Can’t beat Trump” over the Joe2020 logo. Below , “DEATH nails” pointed to things like the “war on drugs,” “Anita Hill,” “Iraq War,” “Racist Solidarity,” “Crime Bill,” and “Hair Sniffer.”

At the foot of the coffin, it read: “It’s Over,” and included the “No Malarkey!” logo from the former VP’s ill-fated Iowa bus tour.

Several members of the group spoke at a makeshift memorial service on the curb outside of the fundraiser. Eventually, police arrived to keep the group clear of the building’s entrance, and they waited out Biden’s exit together.

One man said the group devised the memorial “what we call a well-run campaign.

“To someone that, many of us at one point respected, I think,” he said. “And then things have changed, due to the political climate, due to younger people being more alert and aware of what’s going on, and after the results between Iowa and New Hampshire, things are looking pretty grim,” he said.

“And we’re sad to be here to say that this campaign is pretty much done.”

Polls suggest they’re on the money.

Biden is now polling at his lowest level of support for the Democratic nomination since he announced his candidacy last spring, after dominating national polls for months. The Real Clear Politics average of national polls over the last week put Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders in the lead with 23.6 percent support, followed by Biden with 19.2 percent, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg with 14.2 percent, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren with 12.4 percent, and former South Bend, Indiana mayor Pete Buttigieg with 10.6 percent.

Biden’s downward slide has come as others in the race including Sanders, Bloomberg and Buttigieg have continued to gain momentum.