Joe Biden touted his support among black Americans today as a justification for why he should be the Democrat nominee.

But in doing so, he misstated history.

While speaking to voters in Reno, Nevada on Monday, Biden said there were three candidates in the 20th century who beat incumbent Republicans due to strong African-American support.

“I am the candidate who has the broadest support from all sectors of the economy,” Biden said.

“For example, I have had, historically, overwhelming support from the African-American community, I mean, 75 percent favorable ratings, support.

“Because I come out of a civil rights movement,” he continued, an assertion questioned by the likes of Shaun King.

“If you take a look, the only presidents who have beaten an incumbent president in this century are the Democrats— Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton and Barack Obama,” Biden claimed.

But his history isn’t accurate.

Carter beat Gerald R. Ford in 1976, but went on to lose re-election to Ronald Reagan in 1980.

Obama won in 2008 when the White House was open. George W. Bush had completed his second term and could not seek re-election. His vice president, Dick Cheney, did not run for president.