A Mardi Gras float knows Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself, and depicts a possible culprit: Hillary Clinton.



The float shows “Epstein” in an orange jumpsuit with a blond-haired woman resembling Clinton standing behind him holding something around his neck in the New Orleans parade.

“I’m as innocent as OJ,” it read on the side of the vehicle, referring to OJ Simpson.

Reveler Paul Blair reports that wasn’t the only political float.

I also loved this anti-Communist float from Mardi Gras last night, which made fun of the Green New Deal, Medicare for All, and pretty much all Democrat “free” government plans and ideas,” he tweeted.

He noted it appears Bernie Sanders is driving the bus.


“Make America socialist,” the side reads, along with “free money” and “free tuition.”

It also shows an angry-looking Elizabeth Warren with the caption, “I’m no Indian giver.”