A pair of illegal aliens used a makeshift ladder to climb over the border wall near Tijuana on Thursday.

Video captured by Washington Blade reporter Michael Lavers shows a man affixing a rickety contraption to the top of the wall as two others wait nearby.

Lavers just happened to capture the moment as he was panning the camera the length of that section of fence near the ocean shore.

In an Instragram post, Lavers explained:

I was just filming the border at Playas de Tijuana when a young man wearing a gray sweatsuit used a makeshift ladder to scale the fence on the Mexican side. He ran through what can be best described as a no man’s land between the two fences as a man on the Mexican side shouted “hurry” to him.

The man climbed a second fence and within a few seconds he was in the United States. He ran to a set of Jersey barriers on the beach and hid between them. A man who I assume is a coyote and shouted at me whether I was filming. At that moment I was not. I looked away from the wall and saw seven other young men wearing the same gray sweatsuits sitting on a men in a gazebo that is less than 100 feet from the wall.

I also noticed several other men in the area with headphones in their ears, as though they were watching to see whether U.S. Border Patrol agents were on the other side. A Tijuana police car was parked next to the gazebo a few minutes after I was the man climb over the fence.

Lavers did not indicate whether Tijuana police did anything to disrupt the operation.

He said the breach occurred at 1:15 pm “on a beautiful Thursday afternoon with the San Diego skyline clearly visible in the distance.”