Do they all look alike, Chris?

During a segment on “Hardball” tonight, Chris Matthews confused Sen. Lindsey Graham’s challenger, Jaime Harrison, with Graham’s colleague, Sen. Tim Scott.

Both men are black.

Harrison was a remote guest and video from President Trump’s rally in South Carolina appeared on the screen, which showed several members of Congress, including Graham and Scott.

“Jaime, I see you standing next to the guy you’re going to beat right there, maybe? Maybe?” Matthews said. “Lindsey Graham?”

“Tim Scott,” an off-camera guest muttered.

“Jaime?” Matthews said, not picking up on the cue that he was horribly wrong.

“Tim Scott,” another guest said, attempting to throw Matthews a lifeline.

“Who’s that?” Matthews said.

“That’s Tim Scott,” a guest said.

“Who, I’m sorry,” a confused Matthews responded.

“Oh, it’s the other senator, Tim Scott. What am I saying?” he said. “Big mistake. Mistaken identity. Sorry.”