An awkward Fox News appearance turned downright uncomfortable as a man who was quarantined for coronavirus coughed throughout the interview and even shared a water bottle with the daughter live on-air.

Frank Wucinski sat with his daughter on his lap, and she fidgeted by drinking out of a small water bottle.

“Fortunately from what I understand, you know,” he said, coughing, “it is contagious but the death rate is pretty low,” coughing again.

“So um, yeah, I understand the fear,” he said.

“Well, we can see that you still have a cough,” Ed Henry noted. “What do the doctors say about your own condition moving forward?”

Wucinski coughed again before pulling the water bottle out of his daughter’s hands and taking a swig.

“Excuse me, let me get some of that,” he mutter as he took a drink.

“They said, um, yeah, I’m fine,” Wucinski said as he daughter began drinking out of the bottle again.

He said he tested “negative” for the virus and the cough was “probably just nerves.”