A black Republican challenging Rep. Ilhan Omar in Minnesota is racist, according to the incumbent.

Omar sent out a fundraising email last week blasting the Republicans running against her, claiming they are “racist” and “Islamophobic”.

Describing it as “FACT,” Omar’s campaign claims, “Everyone from her GOP challengers to the Trump administration has tried to silence her with racist, Islamophobic hate speech and conspiracy theories.”

The email adds, “they’ve already raised $1,057,703.31 against her.”

One of those GOP challengers is Lacy Johnson, a black conservative.

“Ms. Omar does not represent the values of our district or our great country,” Johnson writes on his website.

“Ilhan Omar has repeatedly attacked shared American values,” his site says. “We must expose her extremism to the people of Minnesota.”

That, apparently, constitutes “Islamophobia”.