Joe Biden got angry with a small group of veterans during a stop in California on Tuesday.

Video shows a man identifying himself as an Air Force veteran confronting Biden in a noisy venue.

Portions of the video are inaudible due to the noise in the restaurant, but it shows a man identified as Michael Thurman approaching Biden and telling him with was with Army vets.

Thurman wanted to know why “we should vote for someone who voted for a war [inaudible] where thousands of our brothers and sisters [inaudible].”

“You enabled that,” Thurman charged, adding Biden gave “a medal to a man who caused that war,” referring to the 2018 Liberty Medal Biden presented to President George W. Bush.

“The blood is on your hands,” Thurman said. “You are responsible for that.”

Biden staffers and supporters immediately moved in to separate the man from Biden.

“You’re disqualified,” he continued as Biden argued with him.

“My friends are dead,” he said, prompting Biden to snap, “So is my son. So was my son in Iraq,” pointing his finger at Thurman. Beau Biden served in Iraq in 2008 and died of a brain tumor in 2015.

“Not that that matters, right?” an angry Biden said sarcastically.

“It matters a lot to me,” Biden said as Thurman conceded it does.

“I’m not going after your son,” Thurman said.

“You better not,” Biden said, continuing to point his finger at the vet.

Biden then turned his back on the critic.

“You are disqualified, sir, disqualified! The blood is on your hands!” Thurman said.

“My brothers and sisters died in Iraq and Afghanistan! He enabled that to happen!” Thurman yelled as Biden walked away and his supporters ganged up on the vet.

“We fought in your wars!” another yelled as the place came unglued and Biden moved further away.

Here’s another version: