House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters on Thursday that she wants Americans to have “trust in what’s being said.”

But first, they need to understand what’s being said.

Pelosi struggled with words several times during the 30-minute press conference, and suffered multiple brain freezes.

After having a hard time twice saying “coronavirus,” have rearranged words, saying, “…and they’re going to get back on that to us.”

Pelosi suffered a brain freeze while claiming Trump is “ransacking” the home heating account.

She suffered two more while talking about coronavirus face masks.

“We don’t, um— we want to have what we need to have because we want to have conf— the people to have confidence. And I think one way— important way to have confidence (gibberish), have truth and trust in what is being said.

Do you have confidence is what what Pelosi is saying?

She said Democrats are interested in “repealing the no— uh, repealing the no ban, the Muslim no ban,” presumably referring to the so-called “Muslim travel ban.”

Moments later, she confused her statement by saying, “as soon as the water warmed— the weather warmed up.”

Pelosi concluded her press conference by recalling the woman presidential candidates.

“How many do we have? We have Kamala, Kelsey— I mean, um, Tulsi— Kelsey’s my scheduler. Are you running, Telsey– Kelsey?” she asked to her staffer off stage.

No reporter asked Pelosi — or Kelsey — about her bizarre behavior.