The prospect of a scarcity of toilet paper during the coronavirus confusion is leading some panicked shoppers to throw slaps and punches.

In Farnborough, England, shoppers swarmed full pallets of rolls, with some buying it in such large quantities, it spilled out of their carts. Crowd control agents had to maintain order.

Things were much less civil in Australia this week, as an elderly woman attempted to strike another shopper and swipe her toilet paper, causing the disgusted younger woman to retreat:

In another store, two women brawled, leading to yells and shrieks.

A worker finally intervened.

7 News reports some are snatching packages of toilet paper from other shoppers’ baskets when they’re not looking.

Another shopper was tasered after battling a shopper for the bum cleanser and grabbing for an officer’s gun.

An express delivery of toilet paper went awry when the semi truck burst into flames on the highway.

Video shows crews hosing down the wreck.

“We were able to save quite a bit of toilet paper,” a fireman told the news station.