Perhaps for the first time ever, 100 percent of Americans agree on something: They’ll catch coronavirus.

A new poll from Survey USA finds 100 percent of respondents answered affirmatively to, “Based on what you know at this hour, what would you say that the chances are that you, yourself, will get sick from the Coronavirus?”

The poll, taken last week and release March 21, also finds a significant amount of Americans say their daily life has been impacted by the outbreak.

  • 21 percent say their life has “been turned upside down”
  • 42 percent say it has “changed noticeably”
  • 31 percent say it has “been impacted only slightly”

Only 6 percent say life has “not been impacted at all.”

Five percent of respondents say they know someone personally who has been diagnosed with the Chinese virus, while 92 percent say they don’t.

Sixty-six percent of respondents over the age of 50 say they are “extremely concerned” or “concerned” that if they catch the virus, their local hospital may be too full and unable to accommodate them.

Seventy-one percent of the 1000 adults believe the worst of the fallout is “still ahead.”

Only 8 percent believe it is “behind us.”

The largest plurality — 17 percent — believes life will return to “normal” in June 2020.

Ten percent don’t believe things will get back to “normal” until 2021.