With the world fixated on the deadly coronavirus, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee quietly approved a controversial bill on Friday that mandates “comprehensive” sex education for all of the state’s students starting in kindergarten.

Inslee’s signature comes despite large parent protests at the capitol earlier this month to urge a veto over concerns the explicit descriptions of sex acts included in lessons promote unhealthy behavior, are not age-appropriate, and undermines the parental relationship.

State Rep. Monica Stonier, the bill’s sponsor, insists the comprehensive sex education mandate is “teaching them the skills they need to have healthy relationships in an age-appropriate way,” KING 5 reports.

Others see things differently, with opponents calling on officials and lawmakers to limit sex education to grades 7 through 12.

“We can’t have ‘Christmas’ parties at school but our kids will learn about anal sex? How have we gotten here?” Kristie McIntyre Smith posted to Facebook. “I feel like this is a crazy dream I will awake from. I have spent the majority of my day educating my co-workers who no longer have school aged children about the curriculum. Not one person has found this acceptable. I can’t imagine an educator having to teach such disgusting curriculum.”

Parent advocates told Life Site the legislation sets standards for mandated sex education, and leaves the specific curriculum to locals. But parents are concerned about the types of graphic lessons in available curriculum that meet the bill’s standards, including sex ed lessons that glorify LGBT lifestyles, such as Advocates for Youth’s 3R curriculum.

The controversial 3R lessons promote gender theory, promiscuity, condoms and contraception, abortion and a wide range of sexual activities. The 3R lessons encourage 14-year-olds to practice negotiating for sex, while other state-approved materials teach about bondage, “body fluid play,” “bathing together,” and “mutual masturbation.”

Approved sex ed curriculums also explain how males can allegedly have babies, why males should be allowed on female sports teams and vice versa, and how students can access abortions, cross-sex hormones, and HPV vaccinations without parental involvement, according to the news site.

“I’m not sure why we’re rushing to remove the innocence from our youth,” state Rep. Mike Steele said, according to KOMO. “We put so much on them already.”

Parents are now working to gather 150,000 signatures to challenge the legislation, though the referendum petition itself was reportedly challenged. The effort is also complicated by the state’s coronavirus shutdown, which prevents parents from collecting the needed signatures.

“We can only repeal the sex-ex bill with 150,000 signatures that have to be acquired IN PERSON by June 2nd. Inslee planned this whole ‘state shutdown’ thing, then quickly snuck behind our backs WITHOUT A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE and signed the agenda-driven Planned Parenthood sex ed bill into law,” Hannah Frances posted to Facebook.

“How the heck can 150,000 signatures be acquired in person during a quarantine? Inslee knew they couldn’t be. That’s why he shut down the state. Anything he signs during this time should be illegal!”