A “Proud Teacher” in Woonsocket, Rhode Island wants to infect President Trump with the coronavirus, and she’s willing to pay someone to do it.

Amy Bednarz, a sixth grade teacher at Villa Nova Middle School, posted the offer using the anonymous Twitter account “Proud Teacher,” and The Gateway Pundit tracked the account to Bednarz with the help of online sleuths and her other social media accounts.

“Somebody with Covid 19, I will pay you to cough on #Trump,” Proud Teacher posted on Sunday.

Corey A. DeAngelis, the director of school choice for the Reason Foundation, exposed Bednarz within hours of the post.

“This ‘Proud Teacher’ is Amy Bednarz. She also stalks school choice supporters,” DeAngelis posted.

Keri Rodriguez, president of the National Parents Union, detailed her troubling interactions with Bednarz in a 2017 blog post.

“Sometimes Amy likes to call me fat in response to tweets that have nothing to do with education,” Rodriguez wrote. “Sometimes when I write something that she REALLY doesn’t like she threatens to directly come to my house.

“Amy has even done her research to find out the name of the street I live on and even my phone number, which she calls on a regular basis,” Rodriguez wrote.

The Gateway Pundit uncovered other Twitter posts from Proud Teacher that confirms Bednarz is behind the account.

“Villa Nova MS,” Proud Teacher responded to an inquiry about where she works. “I teach 6th grade newcomer ESL classes.”

The news site shared Bednarz’s work history, which includes stints at Massachusetts’ Brockton, Southbridge and Fall River school districts, and confirmed the teacher’s employment at Villa Nova.

But when a reporter contacted the teacher on her personal Facebook page, which featured images of her cat also shared on the Proud Teacher account, Bednarz shut down the Twitter page, The Gateway Pundit reports.

The news site attempted to contact Villa Nova administrators with questions about the teacher’s behavior and is still awaiting a response.

Folks online, meanwhile, had plenty to say about the situation.

“She is a disgrace to teachers everywhere and her contract should be terminated immediately,” Tempus Fugit posted.

“America – this is the person you turn your children over to Every Damn Day for their state sponsored government education,” J.Moore added. “Wake the hell up people.”

“Their paychecks continue,” 14usa wrote. “This the type of filth your ‘RED for ED’ dollars support.”