Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made a mixed drink with her social media followers while complaining that she believes the federal government isn’t doing enough to help Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

“We should be really blowing up our elected officials’ offices and demanding relief,” AOC said while standing at her kitchen counter and pouring liquor into a cup, “because they want to continue getting away with doing far too little.

“And in this moment, there’s no such thing as doing too much,” she continued, measuring out another alcohol.

“I mean, honestly, have you ever had a point in your life where the federal government did too much for you,” she asked 8,600 fans watching while screwing the cap on the bottle, “where they gave you too much?”

“Never happened to me! I’ve never seen that in my lifetime. I never had too many scholarships, we never had too many people that got relief. Puerto Rico never got too much aid,” she said, measuring the lime juice.

She proceeded to tell her viewers how to properly make a margarita.