A bad workman blames his tools. But, in the wicked world of digital marketing, they’d be well within their rights to do so.

Marketing tools simply aren’t made equal! Using one over another can be the difference between a quality and low ROI. And, with tens of billions of digital marketing dollars being put on the line every year, businesses can’t afford any issues.

Looking for the best digital marketing tools for your online business in 2020?

Keep reading for 5 of them.


All digital marketers worth their salt invest in social media marketing.

After all, billions of global users are spread across the plethora of social platforms. Every single business needs a piece of that pie!
Nanigans is one tool that’ll help you get yours.

Focused on Facebook (with extra features related to Insta and Twitter), you’ll be able to leverage the Facebook Exchange to hone your retargeting. Throw in the host of additional features, and it won’t be long before your ads start seeing better returns.


Email is dead. Said nobody, ever.

This mighty form of marketing has been around forever. And it still kills it versus other digital channels. But doing it manually would be arduous, dull, and time-consuming.

MailChimp helps automate and calibrate the process. You can craft beautiful emails, track your email subscribers, and access a host of useful data on your campaigns.

Add in the free plan for smaller email lists, and you can’t go wrong.


Run ads?

Then, sooner or later, you’ll be leveraging landing pages. And, not long after that, you’ll realize the need for high-converting ones! Sending traffic to a landing page by no means guarantees a return.

Unbounce is a handy tool that will maximize your chance of it happening, though.

It lets you build, update, hone, and publish epic landing pages with ease. With the pre-made templates available, even amateur designers can enjoy professional-looking results.


Canva is an incredible free tool (with pro plans) for any design work you need.

From posters and social media images to online business card templates, you can do it all.

Upload photos, utilize set templates, drag and drop them into place, add text, overlay features, and so on. Canva is a simple and easy-to-use web-based tool that lets anybody create top designs for their marketing.


Looking for a complete digital marketing package?

Kissmetrics is a good bet. You’ve got a mass of analytics at your disposal to fine-tune the funnels you put in place. It’ll track your users as they proceed through them, and provide data to help you hone them.

You can identify what’s working and what isn’t. From there, it’s a matter of altering and iterating. In turn, you’ll reap the rewards in terms of sales.

Try These Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketers rely on their tools for success.

With all the options out there, it’s harder than ever to know which to choose. Hopefully, though, this post has highlighted five digital marketing tools that will benefit your business this year.

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