Parties and events are a fantastic way to spend time with your friends and family. Apart from a social gathering, it gives us a chance to celebrate the special days of our life. In such cases, you need an attractive invitation card to invite people to these events.

A good invitation card provides useful facts such as location, timing, themes, and other information.

However, it can be quite expensive to hire a professional designer for creating and distributing invitation cards. It can be more time-consuming to go to a shop and choose from a pre-designed collection. This burden can be easily lessened by merely creating your invitation card.

Advantages of Creating Your Invitations

One of the main benefits of creating your invitation card is that you do not have to worry about making charges. You can go through the following section to learn about the most important benefits of making your invitations:

Personalize your Invitation Cards

Before you start designing a personalised invitation card, it is beneficial to choose the right software for creation. Many online platforms allow you to personalize your invitations. It will bring out the inner designer in you and motivate you to create a fantastic invitation card.

Choose from Hundreds of Templates Online

People who do not know how to design an invitation card don’t have to panic. Some professional designers have created various pre-designed templates.

You can easily explore and choose these templates by searching them online. These templates already leave out the necessary blanks to put in your information.

Additionally, you can browse through a wide range of templates as there is no risk of copyright strike for personal use. Once you’ve chosen your template, you have to edit a few details to finalize your invitation card design.

Explore different ways to create

There are many ways to make a unique and personalized invitation card. The most personalized way to make an invitation card is by designing and writing the essential details in your handwriting.

Another way to make your own invitations is by simply adding a photograph of you and the invitee along with the details. This can be quickly done with the help of a photo slideshow maker. Users can choose from a set of pre-defined templates and effects to create the perfect invitation card.

Save your Time and Budget

As stated earlier, making your invitations can help to save a vast amount of time and budget. For the most part, some creative and high-quality invitations are pricey and can take a lot of time to shop and choose.

By comparison, creating your invitation incurs less cost and effort than you can build from an existing template. It is good for the environment as you are making all of your cards online.

Moreover, it eliminates the need for shopping, choosing, and customizing the invitation as you will have the power to do so. You can also use different distribution methods to cut down the costs further.

Ways to Distribute Invitation Cards

There are two broad methods to distribute your invitations. Hence, go through the following section to learn the various ways to do so.

Send the Invitation Electronically

After the invitation card is completed, the next step is to choose a distribution method. The easiest and the most efficient way to distribute the invitation card electronically. This can be easily done by sending the invitation via Email or WhatsApp.

Moreover, it saves the cost of printing and distributing the invitation to the invitees. However, it is essential to note that the final invitation design should be kept in PDF format. This is done to ensure that it can be easily printed in the future.

Send the Invitation Physically

If you want to send the invitation in hard copy, you can follow the steps given below to print and distribute the invitation card. These pointers will also help you determine your printing budget and quality. Rest assured, the overall costs will still be lesser in comparison to buying them.

  1. First, change the color mode of the invitation card from ‘RGB’ to ‘CMYK’ as the color appears different in the paper.
  2. Next, choose the correct type of paper according to your event and the overall budget. There are various qualities of paper available in the market at different prices.
  3. Lastly, choose a printing shop that offers discounts on mass printing. You may have to research this as some provide more significant discounts as opposed to others.
  4. Comparatively, you may be better off by printing it on your printer. The cost of ink will be much less as opposed to printing from a shop.

How to Create Your Own Invitation

People do not have to know about designing while creating their invitation necessarily. Most applications, like Invideo, offer pre-designed templates and ideas for you to explore and try. Moreover, you can follow the tips given below to make your invitation.

Explore Design and Templates Online

Apart from pre-designed templates available in the app, you can also search and explore various designs online. This can motivate you to create your design, as well. Multiple websites offer both free and paid template designs.

You should choose or design a template that is relevant to the party or event. Make sure to select the right color combinations and fonts to express the same.

Make sure that the content is correctly placed on the card, and it is readable. Essential information like location, time, and date should be easily legible and clear.

Create a Video Invitation

You can create an invitation video instead of a card and send them to your invitees. This takes only a few minutes with the help of existing templates. You can create a video by making a photo collage and adding a few effects with filters.

These tips will help you understand that creating your invitation is far more beneficial as opposed to buying them. Both designers and non-designers can create it. So, go ahead and try making your invitations and bring out the creativity in you.