A graduate student at Truman State University was left shaken Tuesday night after a naked intruder broke into her home near campus and attempted to snatch her.

Thankfully, the masked vigilante took precautions to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

The woman told police the bizarre home invasion occurred shortly after 9 p.m., following a Facetime conversation with her mother on her front porch. After the call concluded, the victim said she heard a weird sniffing noise, then spotted a man wearing only a homemade face mask lurking nearby.

KTVO reports:

The victim said the masked man then took off running toward her backyard.

She ran inside to close an inner door that led to the back of the home and called 911. About that time, she heard the intruder on her back steps, and he pushed open a door and made his way inside.

The woman ran through the house and out onto her front porch where the suspect caught up to her.

The woman told police she screamed and the man reached his arms out to her. The woman curled up on the porch and continued screaming, while the naked intruder attempted to pick her up, she told police.

The screaming drew the neighbors outside, she said, and the man ran away.

The victim described the intruder to Kirksville police as a white male in his early 20s, about 5’6” tall and 150-160 pounds with blonde hair. He was wearing a homemade facemask “that appeared to be made out of a sky blue T-shirt,” KTVO reports.

Police took fingerprints at the scene and initial believed to have a suspect identified, but Kirksville Police Deputy Chief Justin Jones clarified on Wednesday that the investigation is ongoing.

“He said officers were going to speak with the victim again to try to gather additional details that might help them solve the case,” according to KTVO.

The student was not injured in the incident, which occurred a few blocks north of the Truman State University campus in Kirksville, Missouri.

School officials suspended in-person classes about a month ago due to the coronavirus, then later extended the suspension through the spring semester, KTVO reports.