Things are getting testy in Philly as the coronavirus crackdown continues.

Video shows a transportation worker — not wearing a mask — ordering anyone not wearing a mask off the bus on Friday.

One man attempted to save his ride by covering his face, but it didn’t fly.

“I’ll have the cops take you off,” the worker threatened.

“You don’t have no mask,” he announced.

The stunned riders slowly filed off.

Meanwhile, another video shows cops dragging a very upset commuter off the public transportation.

Police donned masks as they pulled the man, who was on his cell phone, off the bus.

They eventually let him go, and he berated them, demanding their badge numbers.

There seems to be confusion about whether riders are required to wear masks are not.

SEPTA website says nothing about masks, twitter feed says they are required, operators are told they’re not,” the Philly Transit Riders Union writes.