While Hillary Clinton is wrapping herself in President Obama, Bill Clinton is seemingly pushing him away.

The former president made a comment while campaigning in Tennessee Thursday that is sure to offend some in the coveted black voting bloc.

Playing off Congressman Steve Cohen’s introduction that claimed Bill Clinton was just a “stand-in for the first black president,” Clinton told an audience in Memphis, “You know what we learned from the human genome?

“We learned that unless your ancestors — everyone of you — are 100 percent, 100 percent from sub-Saharan Africa, we are all mixed race people.”

Obama, after all, is “mixed race” — his mother was white and his father was black. Is Clinton saying Obama isn’t really the first black president?

The Commercial Appeal reports that wasn’t the only swipe at Obama:

But in talking about the struggles of middle- and lower-class America, Clinton was met with silence when he said President Barack Obama wasn’t a “change-maker” like Hillary. He clarified a few sentences later that Obama has had accomplishments, including the Affordable Care Act.

Friday night, MSNBC aired video of that statement:

UPDATE: The Commercial Appeal has updated its story to change the paragraph cited above. More HERE

  • CCBanks

    How he really feels.

    “A few years ago this guy would’ve been getting us coffee” – Bill Clinton talking about the Kenyan.

  • Zaphod Braden

    The Clintons just want to get back into the White House so they can steal the REST of the furniture.
    Filthy Trailer Trash scum.


    Get this guy off the stage and fast. Hillary’s a game changer?

  • mexxet

    Bad Grandpa is at it again.

  • dwstick

    HilLIARy Clinton is elected President. On her first night in the White House, she is visited by the ghost of George Washington. She asks the ghost “What can I do to best serve the American people?” The ghost says “Never tell a lie.” She says “Well, I won’t be doing that.”
    The next night, she is visited by the ghost of Thomas Jefferson. She asks the ghost “What can I do to best serve the American people?” The ghost responds “Be an advocate for limited government”. She responds “I won’t be doing that, either”.
    The next night, she is visited by the ghost of Abraham Lincoln. She asks the ghost “What can I do to best serve the American people?” The ghost responds “Go see a play”.

    • Toni Scurlock


  • Seerightthere!

    Don’t worry Billy, Obama is only half black, which makes him half white like you.

  • Florian

    Obama is not the first black president…he is black an white so he is mixed race – that’s just fact. However, Hillary by clinging to Obama, declaring that she will carry on his legacy and getting Obama therefore to support her is just getting Obama to carry her bags and her baggage…I am no fan of Obama but surely he and Michelle realize that Hillary is using them for her own purposes and has no intention of carrying on Obama’s legacy…

  • West_Coast

    Keep talking you twit. Your credibility was left on the blue dress of your subordinate.

  • “Liberalism”destroysFreedom

    Democrats = Destruction, Dependency, Divisiveness and Disgracefulness. America cannot survive another Democrat as POTUS.

  • Fred Martinez

    He is definitely the US’ first and only muzz dictator.

  • thefullmonty

    I stopped doing Hillary before Bill did.

  • Louis Gamber

    Scalia Murdered???

    Scalia, Ranch Owner: ‘Discovered in bed, pillow over head’…,
    Suicide? or Murder? Who’s dancin now? Natural causes???

    We discovered the judge in bed, a pillow over his head. His bed
    clothes were unwrinkled,” said Poindexter.

  • Children … children … fret thee not! Hell has more than enough room ….

    Although I must admit … both Kommrade Hitlery and Kommrade Consort Bill will contaminate HUGE quantities of brimstone … for which the United States will be charged …

  • Beelzebub

    Everyone knows Bill was the first N*GGER president, not Obama.

  • Louis Gamber

    A Message to Donald! Time to get tough!