Something may seriously be wrong with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi.

While making a “surprise” appearance at the NGLCC’s National Dinner Awards Gala, the Democrat Speaker-to-be suffered multiple face spasms and slurred her words during a brief 10-minute speech.

“The American people elected a Democratic majority,” Pelosi said, awkwardly motioning to the crowd for applause.

Within the first minute of her speech, Pelosi slurred almost every single word she said.

“Thank you for all of your work to elevate… to elevate,” she said, repeating herself while cracking a weird smile to the crowd.

Midway through her speech, Pelosi claimed people come up to her “all the time” and claim that supporting LGBTQ issues is easy because people from “San Francisco are so tolerant.”

“Tolerant,” she shouted with a frozen face. “Tolerant? That’s a condescending word to me.”

“Do not use that word,” the California Democrat lectured, acting as if she is word police.

The 79-year-old lawmaker went on to brag about Democrats retaking control of the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this month in the midterm election.

While trying to congratulate California Democrat Rep. Mark Takano for helping those efforts, Pelosi could hardly pronounce his name.

And when she was able to say his name, she repeatedly shouted it to the crowd and made weird motions with her hands.

“I just wanted to acknowledge the great work of Mark Takano,” she said, suffering a face spasm and staring into the camera.

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“He heads up our task… task force and. Mark Takano,” she repeated a second time before laughing awkwardly.

Pelosi closed out her comments by lecturing everyone on the definition of “inevitable” and “inconceivable.”

“We have to us what is inevitable, what to them is ‘inconceivable,” Pelosi began, holding her hands out to depict two opposing arguments.

“We want to shorten the distance between the inevitable and the inconceivable,” she added, bringing her hands together to signify two sides coming together.

Her closing comments were odd given she spent most of her speech slurring her words, suffering from brain glitches, and implying that Democrats will only work with Republicans if they cower to her liberal agenda.