Rep. Maxine Waters said House Democrats are waiting on “our” special counsel to give them “permission” to impeach President Donald Trump.

During an interview Friday with CNBC’s John Harwood on his podcast “Speakeasy,” the California Democrat was asked about her goal of long-standing removing Trump from office.

Harwood asked Waters if she believed House Democrats would impeach the president even if it became clear the Republican-controlled Senate would not join them.

“No, I don’t know that. I don’t know that an impeachment resolution will ever be taken up. I hope so. I believe it should be, but I don’t know that,” Waters said.

“You’re not predicting that?” Harwood asked.

“No, I’m not predicting that. I don’t know that that will happen, you’re right,” Waters said.

Waters then gave a shout-out to Mueller, as if he’s on the Democrats side in wanting Trump impeached.

“Democrats have been very cautious. Everybody’s waiting on our special counsel, Mr. Mueller, to give them permission to go for it,” Waters continued.

“I’m not waiting (for) permission to say what I really feel and what I understand about this president and how he has defined himself right before our very eyes,” she continued.

Last month, Waters said she will spend “some” of her time in next Congress “trying to get subpoenas and trying to do investigations” into Trump.

“Those who say I’m going to spend all my time trying to get subpoenas and trying to do investigations, and I’m not going to do that,” Waters mocked with others in the room laughing.

Waters, who was appointed as the new Financial Services Committee Chairwoman, added: “I’m just going to spend some of my time.”

Waters has led the charge with calls for impeachment and vowing to “get” Trump since he took office two years ago.

On Christmas Eve, she told MSNBC’s Joy Reid that “we need to get rid” of Trump over reports that he is considering firing Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

“We must understand that the Fed does not work for the president of the United States. The Fed creates monetary policy based on what’s good for the economy and, of course, I may disagree from time to time with their decisions but we must not interfere,” Waters claimed.

“The president can’t fire them. All that the president can do when he opens his mouth is rattle the markets. As a matter of fact, the volatility that you see in the markets is caused by the kinds of statements that this president will make causing more uncertainty,” she continued.

Waters then called Trump a despicable liar.

“I’m not surprised that the president is doing this because I’m not surprised at anything that the president may do or say. I have warned America from the beginning that this president is not worthy, he cannot be trusted, he’s a liar, He’s despicable,” she spouted, getting animated with her facial expressions.

Late last year, Waters claimed Republicans fears “strong, black” women like her and said Trump should “keep his mouth shut.”