Rep. Maxine Waters really wants people to know she loathes President Donald Trump.

On Monday night, the California Democrat took to Twitter to call Trump a “liar” and “con man” numerous times, asked the president if he “loves” North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, attacked several former and current Trump administration officials, and demanded Trump be impeached from office.

In a series of eight tweets, Waters began her hissy fit by attacking Trump over the “fake summit” he had last week in Vietnam with “killer Kim Jong Un.”

“Lying Trump came away from fake summit with terrorist & killer Kim Jong-un w/ nothing because Kim never intended to offer anything. Don the con man got conned! Hey number 45, are you still in love w/ Kim?” Waters wrote.

“Lying Trump said he believes killer Kim Jong-un, that he didn’t know what happened to #ottowarmbier. Now he wants to flip the script. No one can believe this unworthy president. He is the most prolific, consistent, good for nothing liar this country has ever experienced,” she added.

The 80-year-old liberal lawmaker was just getting started.

She then mentioned the death of Washington Post journalist James Khashoggi, who was allegedly murdered by Saudi Arabian leaders late last year.

Waters strongly implied that somehow Trump was to blame for the incident and said “God will never forgive” the president for “siding” with the Saudi Crown prince.

“The killing with the chainsaw & dismemberment of #JamalKhashoggi by the Saudis is the most gruesome & heartless act imaginable! Now we learned his body parts were burned in a giant oven! Trump, God will never forgive you for siding w/ MBS on this murder,” Waters wrote.

She then mentioned fired FBI Director James Comey and claimed that “impeachment is the only answer” for Trump firing him in May 2017.

“Obstruction of justice reality show: Firing Comey, sending coded messages to Manafort & others that he has the power to pardon; lying abt Trump Tower meeting; threatening Cohen’s in-laws; attempting to destroy Mueller. What more do we need to know? Impeachment is the only answer,” she wrote.

Then, Waters went after several former officials who, like thousands of other people, helped with Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign.

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“Hey Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, Gates, Papadopoulos, & Stone, its truth telling time, and the truth will free your heart and soul — but no guarantees freedom from prison time,” Waters charged.

She then called Trump a “liar” again and claimed that he’s the “boldest, most daring liar” that she’s “ever heard of.”

In her final two tweets, Waters took issue with Trump saying there’s “no collusion” despite the fact that after two years of investigations, there’s no public evidence of alleged collusion with Russia.

And, in typical Waters fashion, she demanded everyone support impeaching Trump from office.

Last week, Waters told MSNBC host Chris Hayes that Trump has “met the threshold” for impeachment and must be removed from office.

“This president has lied, he said that, you know, he had not,” Waters began, stuttering and awkwardly pausing before adding, “the president said that he has not paid off anybody, but he certainly has.”

Waters said the House committees are “coordinating their efforts” against Trump, saying, “I think it’s a very good thing that we’re doing.”