Rep. Maxine Waters is slowly coming to terms with the fact that Special Counsel Robert Mueller may not have found any evidence for Democrats to use to impeach President Donald Trump.

During an appearance Saturday on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” the chairwoman of the House Financial Services Committee began by claiming that Trump is not acting in the best interest of the country.

She also argued that Americans should trust Congress, not Mueller, to determine whether Trump has violated any laws because she believes the president “may be compromised in the way that he’s dealing with other countries.”

“I believe in the Constitution, and the Constitution gives us the authority and the responsibility to decide whether or not a president is acting in the best interests of this country. This president is not. As far as I’m concerned, he has enough violations, he’s been involved in a lot of activity that we believe needs to be made apparent,” Waters said.

“And so, I believe that we have everything that it needs to basically impeach him. I believe that. And you’re absolutely right, we’re depending on Mr. Mueller,” she added.

Waving her hands and appearing very excited, Waters continued by saying, “The American people should be depending on the people that they elected to represent them to determine whether or not this president is undermining the Constitution, whether or not he’s acting in our best interests, and whether or not he’s putting us in danger because he may be compromised in the way that he’s dealing with other countries.”

Later in the segment, Waters made some interesting comments about turning over information to the New York attorney general, another sign that Democrats are starting to admit that Mueller’s final report will not deliver any proof of collusion or treasonous actions by Trump.

But more importantly, this is the third time this month that Waters has lost her mind and called for Trump to be removed from office.

Last week, the California Democrat took to Twitter to call Trump a “liar” and “con man” numerous times, asked the president if he “loves” North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, attacked several former and current Trump administration officials, and demanded Trump be impeached from office.

In a series of eight tweets, Waters began her hissy fit by attacking Trump over the “fake summit” he had in Vietnam with “killer Kim Jong Un.”

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She then mentioned fired FBI Director James Comey and claimed that “impeachment is the only answer” for Trump firing him in May 2017.

She then called Trump a “liar” again and claimed that he’s the “boldest, most daring liar” that she’s “ever heard of.”

A few days prior to that, Waters told MSNBC host Chris Hayes that Trump has “met the threshold” for impeachment and must be removed from office.

“This president has lied, he said that, you know, he had not,” Waters began, stuttering and awkwardly pausing before adding, “the president said that he has not paid off anybody, but he certainly has.”

Waters said the House committees are “coordinating their efforts” against Trump, saying, “I think it’s a very good thing that we’re doing.”

Waters went on to say, “I believe we have everything that it needs to basically impeach him, I believe that.”

She added they’re “depending” on Mueller, and Americans “should be depending” on politicians to get Trump.